Darren Baker Portfolio

Here is selection of works by artist Darren Baker. Working in oils, pastels, graphite and charcoal Darren is able to produce consistent results of perfection. All of the paintings and drawings you see below often take hundreds of hours to complete.

This is a question that has been asked frequently about Darren’s astonishingly lifelike paintings.  His naturalistic figures has been causing a stir in galleries across the UK as viewers have been questioning the artistic value of something so perfectly photographic especially when painting with oils on canvas.

The subjects of Darren’s impressive portfolio of portraits are in no doubt as to the credibility of his work however and he is swiftly becoming one of our most collectable artists. He has been developing his ‘hyper-realistic technique for over 10 years. As he  himself explains:

“I sand down my canvas to an almost mirror like surface, to ensure the smooth application of paint. After outlining a highly detailed architectural drawing, I work on the underpainting in tones of sepia oil paint which I brush, rag on and airbrush. Then I apply the oils using a fine technique of glazing using thinned out paint in many layers according to a technique of Vermeer’s. I use a substance called liquin to glaze the oil paint in acute fine layers, which renders paint strokes almost invisible. This is perhaps the secret of the realism that I am able to achieve, as it allows me to work up translucent layers and gives me unbelievable control of paint to create detail and colour blends.”