The Largest EVER Darren Baker Exhibition

The Countdown









Greenwich, London – 1st-31st May 2015

M1 Fine Art Gallery – 20 Nelson Road, London, SE10 9JB

The Exhibition

From the 1st-31st May 2015 M1 Fine Art in Greenwich, London will exhibit the largest collection of Darren Baker artwork ever to be in one location. Two whole floors of this stylish contemporary gallery will be given up to the works of Britain’s greatest realism artist.

The artwork will consist of paintings and drawings of all sizes, subjects and mediums. From early school work to the very latest works produced, many of which will be for sale. Also available will be a fantastic new range of limited edition prints.

Meet Darren Baker

Darren Baker will be at the gallery on the 1st May from 5pm-9pm. This is a private preview by appointment only, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

RSVP – Call Karen 0113 457 0655 or fill out the form below.

The Location

Situated within zone 2 on the River Thames, Maritime Greenwich is a World Heritage Site, famous for such historic landmarks as the Cutty Sark (the last surviving tea clipper) and the Royal Observatory. It is also the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Meridian Line, Longitude 0°. Its fabulous range of shops, bars and restaurants, not to mention an award-winning park attract visitors all year round and with its immediate proximity to the City, Canary Wharf, the Docklands and many iconic tourist destinations.

Why not make the most of your visit and spend a weekend or few days in Greenwich making the Darren Baker event just part of a fantastic London break. More information on Greenwich here

RSVP - 1st May - I would Like To Meet Darren Baker

  • If you would like to attend on the 1st May and meet artist Darren Baker, please fill out your details below or contact us on Tel: 0113 457 0655